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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Compendium of Tanta's Posts

by Calculated Risk on 12/02/2008 11:15:00 PM

Tanta wrote a variety of posts. Many long, some short. Sometimes she would post a few short excerpts from articles, usually to cover for me while I was away from my desk.

To publish her first several posts, Tanta would email her article to me, and I'd publish it - so the byline says "Calculated Risk". Starting in March 2007, she started writing under her own byline.

I suggest reading the comments to some of the posts too. Tanta was quick witted, and very funny.

This is chronological.

Let Slip the Dogs of Hell 12/15/2006

On Hybrids, Teasers, and Other Mortgage Guidance Problems 12/21/2006

Information is Power, Which is Why You Don’t Get Any 1/15/2007

Tanta on "Scratch and Dent" Loans 1/31/2007

Mortgage Servicing for UberNerds 2/20/2007

A Tantamentary on "Messier Mortgages" 3/05/2007

NOTE: This is Tanta's first post under her own byline:

The Dawn of A New Era 3/21/2007

Private Mortgage Insurance for UberNerds I: The Loss Severity 3/21/2007

Cole Testimony: Cui Bono? 3/22/2007

Private Mortgage Insurance for UberNerds II: Flows, Pools, Bulks, and Captives 3/22/2007

FHA: Out of the Dark Ages 3/24/2007

Freddie Mac Reports 3/25/2007

Charlotte Observer: The Power of the Press 3/25/2007

Unwinding the Fraud for Bubbles 3/26/2007

The Other Shoe About to Drop: Subprime Servicing 3/27/2007

Braunstein Testimony on Subprime: Supply or Demand? 3/28/2007

ARM Disclosures: This Is Only a Test 3/29/2007

AP: Late Payments on Consumer Credit 3/29/2007

Dr. Goolsbee: I’ll Stop Impersonating an Economist If You Quit Underwriting Mortgage Loans 3/30/2007

Fulton Financial Alt-A Repurchases 3/31/2007

Washington Post on Michigan Foreclosures 3/31/2007

Take a Calculated Risk on Me 3/31/2007

A Walk Down the Subprime Memory Lane 4/01/2007

Hark! The Herald Angelo Sings! 4/02/2007

Tanta Makes a Confession 4/03/2007

Alt-A: Another Exceptionally Well-Disguised Blessing 4/05/2007

UBS Sues New Century 4/05/2007

While You Were Out . . . 4/06/2007

I Took a Little Calculated Risk . . . 4/07/2007

Foreclosure Sales and REO For UberNerds 4/07/2007

Unpaid Condo Dues Threaten More Foreclosures 4/09/2007

How to Catch a Falling Knife 4/10/2007

Bagholder Bondholder Liability: Can’t Have That 4/10/2007

Option ARMs: The Band Plays On 4/11/2007

Washington Post: Bailout Update 4/12/2007

Fannie Mae on 2007 ARM Resets 4/12/2007

Foreclosure Moratorium: See "Details, Devil In" 4/19/2007

FHA and Subprime: Who Is Taking the Fraud Risk? 4/13/2007

My Calculated Risk Has Just Been Sold! 4/14/2007

Saturday Box of Rocks Blogging 4/14/2007

MBS for UberNerds I: GSE Pass-Throughs 4/14/2007

Fitch on Subprime Early Defaults 4/16/2007

GSEs Announce New Subprime Take-Outs 4/17/2007

Alt-A Update: "Completely Manageable" 4/17/2007

Alt-A Update: Downey Reports 4/18/2007

Neg Am and Lender Accounting 4/18/2007

Freddie Mac's Syron on Subprime 4/18/2007

Fannie Mae's Mudd on Subprime 4/19/2007

"Bailouts" for UnterNerds: The Freddie Mac Story 4/19/2007

Foreclosures Bring the Frauds Out 4/19/2007

Alt-A Update: Bear Goes Bearish 4/19/2007

MBS For UberNerds II: REMICs, Dogs, Tails, and Class Warfare 4/20/2007

Things You Don't Need to Know About Subprime 4/20/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: I'm Not Subprime . . . 4/21/2007

Massachusetts Mortgage Summit Recommendations 4/23/2007

Mortgage Fraud Update: Wall Street Gets Fleeced By the Little Guy 4/25/2007

Alt-A Update: First Federal Reports 4/25/2007

Prime Update: Freddie Mac Delinquencies 4/25/2007

Regulatory Response Update: Hit Me Again 4/26/2007

But Is the Message Worth the Money? 4/27/2007

Ranieri on the MBS Market: It's Broke 4/28/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: Roaring Twenties Edition 4/28/2007

Subprime: The 50% Problem 4/29/2007

Subprime Update: Let the Litigation Begin 4/30/2007

Alt-A Update: AHM Reports Tail Period 4/30/2007

The New York Times Needs a Business Reporter 5/01/2007

Pending Home Sales Down 5/01/2007

Freddie Mac Reports On Cash-Outs 5/02/2007

Beazer Update: Money Can Buy Me Love 5/03/2007

New Century Update: "Hardship" Is Relative, I Guess 5/04/2007

MBS For UberNerds III: Credit Risk, Credit Enhancement, and Ratings 5/05/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 5/05/2007

Subprime Update: The Other Sorry Anecdote 5/07/2007

New Century Update: NEW Knew News 5/07/2007

Mother Theresa Update: The Ownit Story 5/08/2007

Paging Mr. Keynes 5/08/2007

HUD Proposes Ban on Seller Down Payment (Again) 5/09/2007

Unclear on the Concept 5/11/2007

U.S. Retail Sales 5/11/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 5/12/2007

Lies, Damned Lies, and Default Rates 5/13/2007

Strategic Financing: A Bridge Loan Too Far 5/14/2007

You Can Get "New Car Smell" For $3.99 at Target 5/14/2007

Subprime Update: "Turbulent" Is Today's Word 5/14/2007

Fraud and Collateral Risk Index 5/15/2007

Lender Beware 5/15/2007

Why I Am Not An Analyst 5/17/2007

Why Aren't Loans Designed For People Who Don't Need Them? 5/18/2007

Brookings on Low-Income Debt Patterns 5/19/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: The Broker 5/19/2007

Am I the Only One Who Hears the Screams? 5/20/2007

Anti-Crimes Rhymes in the Times 5/21/2007

If Option ARMs Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Option ARMs 5/21/2007

More Mozilo 5/21/2007

MEWPEE: It's Not Just For Ferraris Any More 5/22/2007

Servicing Update: About Those Modifications . . . 5/23/2007

Stated Income Update: Dugan Opens Fire 5/23/2007

All Your Access to Money Are Belong To Us 5/25/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: Coast CEO Catches the Bus 5/26/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging II: Whalen Gets the Willies 5/26/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging III: Every Man Needs Protection 5/26/2007

Reverse Mortgages: An UberNerditorial 5/28/2007

Subprime and The Press, Version Eleventy Jillion 5/31/2007

I Bet On Losses, I Want to See Some Losses 6/01/2007

Subprime Update: We Built This City on Rock and Roll 6/01/2007

Whatever 6/01/2007

Reelin' In the Suckers 6/02/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: In Your Pension, Your Peaceful Pension . . . 6/02/2007

Economics: The Stories We Tell Ourselves 6/03/2007

The New Piggybacking: Lipstick on a FICO 6/04/2007

Fitch Report on Loan Modifications 6/04/2007

Homebuilder X: By Any Means Necessary 6/05/2007

Builders Forgive Illegal Second Liens 6/05/2007

Modifications, Buybacks, True Sales, and Puzzlement 6/07/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: Ah, What's Puzzling You? 6/09/2007

“Uneconomic Transactions,” Or Why I Hate Wall Street 6/10/2007

Efficient Markets 6/11/2007

Paulson v. Bear, Again 6/11/2007

Borrower Counseling: Where the Rubber Meets the Road 6/12/2007

BK-O-Matic 6/15/2007

Mortgage Fraud Update: Back to the Beginning 6/16/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 6/16/2007

GMAC: Still Dumber Than WaMu 6/18/2007

A Busted Slump? 6/18/2007

Hedgies Grab the Other Third Rail 6/18/2007

Fannie Mae on 2/28 Delinquencies 6/18/2007

Truth-Seekers Are Always Misunderstood 6/18/2007

Toward a Unified Theory of Asset Preservation 6/19/2007

The Drag Stops Here 6/20/2007

The Bear Stearns Reporting Contest 6/21/2007

The Pig Files: Corporate Debt is Out There 6/21/2007

Bear Stearns Update: The Love of a Mother 6/22/2007

CMO? CDO? There's a Difference? 6/22/2007

Things Are Looking Up on the Supply Side 6/22/2007

If It's Friday, Fitch Ratings Cut May Involve Bear Stearns Hedge Fund 6/22/2007

A Tale of Two Hedge Funds 6/23/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: I Smell a Rat 6/23/2007

BONG HiTS 4 BEAR* 6/26/2007

BONG HiTS 4 BILL GROSS! 6/26/2007

Bear Stearns: A Brat Sneers 6/26/2007

Subprime and CDOs: Illiquifying the Liquified 6/28/2007

Subprime and CDOs II 6/28/2007

It Depends On How You Define "Unlucky" 6/28/2007

Countrywide Subprime Second-Lien ABS Downgraded 6/28/2007

Bloomberg's Numbers 6/29/2007

Brookstreet Update: It Depends On What You Mean By "Lunch" 6/30/2007

Brookstreet Update II: "A Notional Pricing Disparity" 6/30/2007

Brookstreet Update III: The Marks Speak 6/30/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: Scenes From a Brookstreet Investors' Meeting 6/30/2007

Bloomberg: The Backyard Possum Theory of Financial Markets 7/02/2007

Mortgage Lender Quote of the Day 7/02/2007

Mortgage Fraud Watch List Wins Round 1 7/05/2007

Delinquencies and Defaults for UberNerds 7/06/2007

Saturday Rock Opera Blogging 7/07/2007

It's Not the Default, It's the Deleveraging 7/07/2007

The Compleat UberNerd 7/08/2007

More Ratings News: Moody's Downgrades 399 7/10/2007

Alt-A: The New Home of Subprime? 7/11/2007

Ooops 7/12/2007

Rating Agency Miscellany 7/12/2007

Utter Worthlessness From Chicago Fed 7/13/2007

Retail Sales, June 7/13/2007

Flight to Quality 7/13/2007

Stockpuppets 7/14/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 7/14/2007

Conforming Loan Limits: The Subprime Excuse 7/15/2007

Which Is Not What the Big Bucks Are Paid For 7/16/2007

Stunned But Not Surprised 7/16/2007

Alt-A Update: Time to Stop Telling That Story, I'd Say 7/16/2007

There's Always Something To Distract Investors 7/17/2007

Fitch: Actual Downgrades of Alt-A Trusts 7/17/2007

In Ur Boardroom Readin Ur Posts 7/18/2007

Nobody Loves You When You're Downgrading and Out 7/18/2007

News Flash: You Can Get an AAA Rating on Tranches of Junk Loan Pools 7/18/2007

WaMu Staying Committed to Subprime 7/19/2007

S&P Downgrades 419 Second Lien Classes 7/19/2007

Today's Nugget of Wisdom 7/20/2007

Today's Nugget of Hilarity 7/20/2007

Friday Night Downgrades: More Alt-A 7/20/2007

Leverage, Ratings and Forced Unwind 7/22/2007

New and Improved Tools 7/23/2007

Wall Street Heads For the Diaper Aisle 7/24/2007

It Takes One To Know One 7/24/2007

CFC Reports A Little Prime Problem 7/24/2007

Life Is Like A Box of Subprime Loans 7/25/2007

Alt-A Update: CDR Goes Mainstream 7/25/2007

Wounded Innocence 1, Seasoned Vigilance 0 7/28/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: Speechless 7/28/2007

Marginal Credit Tightening 7/30/2007

Perhaps We Should Contain Our Metaphors 7/30/2007

Metaphor Watch: Bloomberg Takes the Lead 7/30/2007

AHM: Incompetent, Dishonest, or Both? 7/30/2007

C-BASS Update: The July Margin Massacre 7/31/2007

Alt-A Update: IndyMac Reports 7/31/2007

Quote of the Day 7/31/2007

Beyond the Wall of Worry: The Pier of Pain 7/31/2007

MMI: Stabilizing 8/01/2007

More Viscous Cycle 8/01/2007

Fitch Downgrades 8/01/2007

In Which Due Diligence Is Discovered 8/02/2007

LEND Reports: Going Concern Problem 8/02/2007

MMI Update: Decliners Lead Advancers 8/02/2007

LAT on Hedge Funds 8/02/2007

Even More on Alt-A 8/02/2007

AHM Throws in the Towel 8/02/2007

MMI: Gamma Deltas the Alphas With a Beta 8/03/2007

Andrew Davidson on the Securitization Food Chain 8/03/2007

MMI: Intraday Volatility 8/03/2007

Fannie and Freddie Limiting the Bailout 8/03/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: All The Pain Money Can Buy 8/04/2007

Bonus: Saturday Poll Rocking 8/04/2007

SFAS 140: Like A Bridge Over Troubled Bong Water 8/05/2007

Stop Making Sense 8/06/2007

NYT Securitization Artwork 8/06/2007

LUM Announcement 8/06/2007

Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of the Bond Market 8/07/2007

They're Just Mortgages. We're Not Expected to Understand Them. 8/07/2007

"Nouveau Riche University" 8/07/2007

MMI: Perhaps It's Just That Time of the Month 8/08/2007

Broker Application Practices 8/09/2007

Containment Spreads to Europe 8/09/2007

"Soft Landing" Is Still Operative 8/09/2007

Techie Stuff 8/09/2007

Alt-A Update: We Prefer Subprime, Thanks 8/10/2007

That's Why They Call It a "Crunch" 8/10/2007

Floyd Norris on the Fed 8/10/2007

Quote of the Day 8/10/2007

S&P on FICOs and Purchases 8/11/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging: Guest Artist Edition 8/11/2007

Not If They Snorted It First 8/12/2007

A Story: Write Your Own Moral 8/12/2007

Quote of the Day 8/13/2007

What Goes to Jesus Comes to Jesus 8/13/2007

Thornburg's Trouble 8/14/2007

Dean Baker on Hedge Fund Bailouts 8/14/2007

MMI: Earthquakes! Funerals! Jiffy Lube! 8/14/2007

Sentinel "Money Market" Update 8/15/2007

Freddie Mac and Alt-A Purchases 8/15/2007

GMMI: And We All Know What a "Final Residing Place" Is 8/16/2007

Quote of the Day 8/16/2007

Countrywide Goes Thrifty 8/16/2007

Fannie Mae Reports on Credit Quality 8/16/2007

Lookback-ward, Angel 8/17/2007

Bail Out Countrywide! 8/17/2007

Modifications and Adverse Self-Selection 8/18/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 8/18/2007

Sunday Morning Reflections 8/19/2007

MMI: We Have Met the Waldo and It Is Subprime 8/20/2007

MMI: It's Getting Ugly Out There 8/21/2007

Misunderquantifying 8/21/2007

OTS "Kept Up At Night" 8/22/2007

Just Say No To Stated Income 8/22/2007

MMI: Calling All Tools 8/23/2007

Trouble In SIV-Lite Land 8/23/2007

Not All Modifications are Created Equal 8/23/2007

Short Sales and Short Arms 8/24/2007

Credit Crunch, Yet Monitor Litter Continues 8/25/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 8/25/2007

Sunday Gross Blogging 8/26/2007

The Global Credit Crunch Scrambles the Picture 8/27/2007

Those Other Incomprehensible Ratings 8/27/2007

MMI: The Eagle Soars or the Vulture Circles? 8/28/2007

Subprime Borrower Refi Options 8/28/2007

Another Tidbit on Refis 8/28/2007

"Delusional Borrowers" and Reality Checks 8/28/2007

MMI: The Answer Is Blowing In the Wind 8/29/2007

IndyMac Hires Retail Loan Officers 8/29/2007

Weiling About Modifications, Again 8/29/2007

Stories From the Credit Crunch 8/30/2007

Loan Modification Data 8/30/2007

Freddie Mac Q02 Report 8/30/2007

MMI: It's Official 8/31/2007

About GSE Portfolio Caps 8/31/2007

Bush's Subprime Plan 8/31/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 9/01/2007

Dear Investor 9/01/2007

Bear Stearns Fund's "Qualified Investors" 9/02/2007

More Leamer 9/03/2007

MMI: Staying Ignorant in Five Easy Steps 9/04/2007

Interagency Statement on Modifications 9/04/2007

Why S&P Is Not to Blame 9/04/2007

It's Not All Bubble Markets 9/05/2007

MMI: From the Department of You Call This Insurance? 9/06/2007

Home Equity Loans and Credit Cards 9/06/2007

MBA Foreclosure Starts and Inventory 9/06/2007

How Many Mortgages Are Brokered? 9/07/2007

Poor People Are Sharks 9/07/2007

Mortgage Origination Channels for UberNerds 9/07/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 9/08/2007

Reich on Moral Hazard 9/08/2007

Net Branching 9/09/2007

Meet the New Fox: Just Like the Old Fox 9/09/2007

MMI: The Vegas Temptation 9/10/2007

MMI: Congress Enters the Food Chain 9/11/2007

Ackerman on Rating Agencies: It's a Criminal Conspiracy 9/11/2007

FTC "Advises" About Deceptive Mortgage Ads 9/11/2007

Ready, Set, Reset 9/12/2007

WSJ on AHM Servicing 9/12/2007

In a Hole? Keep Digging! 9/12/2007

Prepayment Penalties and Bologna Sandwiches 9/13/2007

CFC's August Operational Report 9/13/2007

See CFC See FC, by BD 9/13/2007

Nerdfest! 2006 HMDA Data Analysis is Here! 9/14/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 9/15/2007

Risk Based Pricing for UberNerds 9/16/2007

MMI: Looks Like a Flotation Device is in Order Here 9/17/2007

PHH Sale Problems: Update Your Scorecard 9/18/2007

Roll Us Over, LEH Us Down 9/18/2007

LEND 10-Q: A Heapin' Helpin' of HorseHockey™ 9/18/2007

Quote of the Day 9/18/2007

The Hanging Out Revolution 9/18/2007

MMBS: Mountain-Molehill Befuddlement Syndrome 9/19/2007

GSE Portfolio Caps 9/20/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 9/22/2007

Want To Buy A Second Home? 9/23/2007

A New Bear Stearns Deal 9/24/2007

"Captain Tanta" Has a Nice Ring to It . . . 9/24/2007

MMBS: Bikes on the Balcony! 9/24/2007

A Clockwork Mortgage 9/25/2007

Undercapitalized Bond Insurers? 9/25/2007

LIBOR or SLIMBOR? 9/26/2007

Modification Update 9/26/2007

Thursday Close Harmony Blogging 9/27/2007

Who Should Pay the Rating Agencies? 9/27/2007

There's a New Nerd in Town 9/28/2007

From the Department of Credit Tightening 9/28/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 9/29/2007

What's Really Wrong With Stated Income 9/29/2007

Morgenson Watch 9/30/2007

MMBS: At a Loss 10/01/2007

More MMBS: What is "Profit"? 10/01/2007

MBA on Fraud: We're the Victims Here 10/01/2007

More Fun With Stated Income 10/02/2007

Subprime Performance: We've Entered the Boring Stage 10/02/2007

New Game 10/02/2007

Go Big Orange! 10/03/2007

Oh Look, More Innovations 10/04/2007

It's All Very Simple 10/04/2007

More Moody's Subprime Data 10/04/2007

Excellent Hedge, There, But Your Tie is Ugly 10/05/2007

Saturday Rock Blogging 10/06/2007

Just Say Yes To Cram Downs 10/07/2007

Context Is Everything 10/08/2007

Subprime 2000-2006 10/09/2007

Dugan On Bank Lending Standards 10/09/2007

One For the Moral Hazard Brigade 10/09/2007

MBS Market Data 10/10/2007

Downey Visits the Confessional 10/10/2007

HMDA Data on High Priced Loans 10/11/2007

More Subprime Mortgage Data 10/12/2007

Paulson: Shorts For BK Reform 10/12/2007

Saturday Slumming 10/13/2007

Musical SIVs 10/15/2007

Institutional Risk Analytics on MLEC 10/16/2007

Survey Shows 73% of Borrowers Are Not Crazy 10/16/2007

OFHEO: Conforming Loan Limit Will Not Drop 10/16/2007

Earning the BS at Subprime U 10/18/2007

The American Dream Strikes Back 10/18/2007

DAP for UberNerds 10/19/2007

MMI: I Am Subprime, Destroyer of Worlds 10/22/2007

Lessons From the Foreclosure Crisis 10/22/2007

BKUNA Neg Am Portfolio 10/23/2007

It's 10:00 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Loan File Is? 10/23/2007

Subprime: Winners are Losers, Too 10/24/2007

Foreclosure Predictions 10/25/2007

BoA Exits Wholesale Mortgage Business 10/25/2007

AHM v. LEH: The Revenge of Mark to Model 10/26/2007

Snow on MLEC 10/26/2007

JEC On Subprime Crisis 10/26/2007

MMI: Maternal Merrill Comes to Me 10/29/2007

Meanwhile, on the Option ARM Front 10/29/2007

Option ARM Performance 10/30/2007

Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus 10/30/2007

Accounting For Negative Amortization 10/31/2007

MMI: Elevated Threat 11/02/2007

Mortgage Risk Perception 11/03/2007

GM Watch, Again: Foreclosures and Fees 11/06/2007

RIHPOs 11/06/2007

Freddie Mac Cash-Out Report 11/07/2007

MMI: Smells Like Accounting Spirit 11/07/2007

Doo Diligence 11/07/2007

WaMu and The Rep War 11/08/2007

UPDATED: Lockhart to Cuomo: Unclear on the Concept 11/09/2007

WAMU Credit Default Swaps 11/09/2007

What's Wrong With Approved Appraiser Lists 11/10/2007

Veterans Day 11/11/2007

That Was Then And This Is Now 11/11/2007

Countrywide AVMs 11/13/2007

Hot Potato 11/13/2007

Deutsche Bank FC Problems and Revenge of the Nerd 11/14/2007

In Re Foreclosure Cases 11/14/2007

GM Watch: The Flap Continues 11/15/2007

GSEs Tighten Up Loan Pricing 11/16/2007

The Corporate We or the Editorial We? 11/16/2007

NAR: Repeat Buyers With No Down 11/16/2007

Fannie Mae's Credit Loss Ratio: Fuzzy Math or Fuzzy Reporter? 11/17/2007

Protections for Renters in Foreclosures 11/19/2007

Oh Good, Now We Can Fire the Intern 11/19/2007

Dear Mr. Paulson 11/21/2007

Thanks 11/22/2007

Homeowner's Insurance: Risk Shifting 11/23/2007

We're All Subprime Now 11/23/2007

In Which Floyd Meets Nina 11/23/2007

What Is "Subprime"? 11/25/2007

Shiller: A Bold New Deal? 11/25/2007

WSJ on Merrill: How Did This Happen? 11/26/2007

CFC BK Investigation: It's About Costs, Again 11/28/2007

Fitch Opens Loan Files: Results Not Pretty 11/29/2007

MGIC Tightens Alt-A 11/29/2007

Foreclosure Mills: It's Your Reputation, Stupid 12/01/2007

A New Theory of ARMs 12/03/2007

Cuomo Lifts Another Rock 12/05/2007

FHASecure, OK. FHA Modernization, Not OK. 12/05/2007

More on the Freeze Plan 12/05/2007

About Mod Re-Defaults 12/06/2007

The Plan: My Initial Reaction 12/06/2007

You Can't Make Stuff Like This Up 12/06/2007

Subprime ARM Initial Rates 12/07/2007

Bailouts and Bailins 12/09/2007

Sunday Self-Congratulatory Rock Blogging 12/09/2007

It's About Not Having To Work Very Hard 12/10/2007

Freddie Mac: DQ Loans Stay in Pools 12/11/2007

House Considers Cram Downs 12/12/2007

We're All Subprime Now, Episode XVIII 12/12/2007

As Opposed to the RepoChopper 12/14/2007

Put These People on the RepoBus 12/14/2007

One Good Bongwater Deserves Another 12/15/2007

Hey! The Fed's Ready to Regulate! 12/18/2007

93 Banks Join Fed-Anon 12/20/2007

Supply Side Friday 12/21/2007

Paulsonomics 12/21/2007

No Cliff Diving for 08-1 12/21/2007

Fastest Downgrade Contest 12/22/2007

Mud-Luscious: Balloons for UberNerds 12/23/2007

A Very Nerdy Christmas 12/25/2007

Out of Foreclosure, In Reverse 12/27/2007

Welcome to Our World 12/28/2007

Option ARM Tightening 12/28/2007

On Option ARMs 12/29/2007

Let the Short Sale Scams Begin 12/29/2007

Gambling? In A Casino? 12/31/2007

Don't Take the Bait in 2008 1/02/2008

The Un-re-dis-inter-mediation Blues 1/03/2008

Foreclosure Fraud 1/03/2008

Jingle Liens 1/05/2008

For 2008 I Nominate "Bongwater" 1/05/2008

A Rolling Loan Gathers No Loss 1/07/2008

Turns Out Judges Don't Like "Efficient" Servicers 1/08/2008

Until CR Gets Up 1/08/2008

Foreclosure Investigator 1/09/2008

Realtors Exiting The Business 1/10/2008

BAC Takes The Bait in 2008 1/11/2008

Cleveland to Mortgage Industry: You're a Public Nuisance 1/11/2008

MBA: I Can Haz Accountentz? 1/11/2008

Cuomo: Due Diligence and Disclosure 1/12/2008

Phone Hustlers* Dislike Short Sale Processes 1/13/2008

Downey Restates NPAs 1/14/2008

Option ARM Update: "This is a stated income crisis" 1/14/2008

FED: Just Another Quadrupling of Reserves 1/15/2008

Mortgage Broker Spam 1/15/2008

The Economics of Second Liens 1/16/2008

Norris: Maybe Money Would Help 1/18/2008

MBA Report On Workouts 1/18/2008

GuestNerds: The Pig and The Balance Sheet 1/19/2008

Fed: Emergency Meeting Minutes 1/22/2008

We're All Jumbo Subprime Now 1/24/2008

Conforming Loan Limit Legislation 1/25/2008

Traders: Don't Put Jumbos in my TBAs 1/25/2008

Commenting 1/26/2008

Options Theory and Mortgage Pricing 1/29/2008

More Fig Leaves 1/31/2008

Another "Significant Discount" 1/31/2008

Clockwork Mortgages, Again 1/31/2008

It Takes One to Know One 2/01/2008

Private Mortagage Insurers Ratings Actions 2/01/2008

Beazer Shuts Mortgage Company 2/01/2008

Bair on Principal Reduction Modifications 2/01/2008

Why Doesn't the IRS Just Use Pay Pal? 2/04/2008

Kroszner on Proposed Mortgage Regulation 2/04/2008

ASF: Innovative Solutions on the Table 2/05/2008

Video of the Day: Bair v. Ross 2/05/2008

Moody's Proposes New Rating System 2/06/2008

The End of Off-Balance Sheet Securitization? 2/07/2008

Lockhart: No Jumbos Without More Oversight 2/07/2008

NAR: The Punch Bowl is Back! 2/08/2008

Let's Talk about Walking Away 2/10/2008

We're All Subprime Now 2/12/2008

IndyMac: We Were Not Greedy and Stupid 2/12/2008

Buffett Bids for EBS* 2/12/2008

Project Lifeline 2/12/2008

Super Duper Senior Bonds 2/13/2008

MGIC Reports: Ugly, Ugly, Ugly 2/13/2008

Freddie Mac: Project MI Lifeline? 2/14/2008

Happy Valentine's Day 2/14/2008

Triad Visits the Confessional 2/14/2008

NAHB: More Than Just A Touch Off 2/15/2008

Sauce for the Goose 2/15/2008

LFKAJ* Update 2/16/2008

Quote of the Day 2/16/2008

Walking Away or Hiding Away? 2/17/2008

Home Overimprovement Trending Down 2/19/2008

More Junk, Less Junk 2/21/2008

It's Reception, Not Deception 2/21/2008

OTS Plan: Negative Equity Certificates 2/21/2008

MBA and Cram-Downs 2/22/2008

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Banks Freezing HELOCs 2/23/2008

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IndyMac-FDIC Mortgage Modification Plan: Still in the Real World 10/23/2008

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On a personal note: I was in the hospital earlier this week, and I'll be in and out for treatment on an out-patient basis tomorrow and early next week. It's chemo again, unfortunately. Even though I did leave the hospital with better pain pills than I had (yay!), I have no idea when I'll be able to post again. I suspect that if you keep your expectations at or below zero for the next week or so, you're unlikely to be disappointed. And now it's nap time . . .