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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Repeat: Color Commentary

by Calculated Risk on 2/06/2011 06:15:00 PM

I'm watching some sporting event with friends. I posted most of this list yesterday, and there were quite a few comments and emails - so while I'm distracted, here is a repeat for those who missed it - enjoy!

Earlier today:
Summary for Week ending February 5th
Schedule for Week of Feb 6th

Commentary this week:
• Monday: QE2 Speculation and Summary
• Tuesday: Economic Outlook and Daily Summary
• Wednesday: Daily Color: D-List Data
• Thursday: Employment Situation: A Lighter Shade of Gray
• Friday: Daily Color: Two Employment Surveys, Different Results

Percent Job Losses During RecessionsClick on graph for larger image.

A repeat from Friday ...

This graph shows the job losses from the start of the employment recession, in percentage terms - aligned at maximum job losses.

In terms of lost payroll jobs, the 2007 recession is by far the worst since WWII, and the "recovery" for payroll jobs is one of the slowest.

Here are the employment posts from Friday (with graphs):
January Employment Report: 36,000 Jobs, 9.0% Unemployment Rate
Employment Summary and Part Time Workers, Unemployed over 26 Weeks
Duration of Unemployment, Unemployment by Education, Diffusion Indexes
Employment Graph Gallery