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Sunday, February 26, 2023

High Frequency Indicators: Airlines Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels, Movie Tickets Still Down

by Calculated Risk on 2/26/2023 11:24:00 AM

I stopped the weekly updates of high frequency indicators at the end of 2022. Here is a look at two indicators that were still below pre-recession levels as of last December.

----- Airlines: Transportation Security Administration -----

The TSA is providing daily travel numbers.

This data is as of February 24th.

TSA Traveler Data Click on graph for larger image.

This data shows the 7-day average of daily total traveler throughput from the TSA for 2019 (Light Blue), 2020 (Black), 2021 (Blue), 2022 (Orange) and 2023 (Red).

The dashed line is the percent of 2019 for the seven-day average.

The 7-day average is at the same level as the same week in 2019 (99.7% of 2019).  (Dashed line) 

Air travel - as a percent of 2019 - is back to pre-pandemic levels.

----- Movie Tickets: Box Office Mojo -----

Movie Box OfficeThis data shows domestic box office for each week and the median for the years 2016 through 2019 (dashed light blue).  

Black is 2020, Blue is 2021, Orange is 2022 and Red is 2023.  

The data is from BoxOfficeMojo through February 23rd.

Note that the data is usually noisy week-to-week and depends on when blockbusters are released.  

Movie ticket sales are running about 30% below the pre-pandemic levels.