Wednesday, February 06, 2019

BEA: Q4 GDP to be Released Feb 28th, And Census Update

by Calculated Risk on 2/06/2019 02:58:00 PM

From the BEA: New Dates Set for GDP, Personal Income, and International Trade

Bureau of Economic Analysis data on U.S. gross domestic product, personal income and outlays, and international trade in goods and services that were delayed by the recent lapse in federal funding will be released in late February and early March.

A report called Initial Gross Domestic Product for the 4th Quarter and Annual 2018 will be released on Feb. 28 at 8:30 a.m. This “initial” report will take the place of two previously scheduled estimates of 4th quarter GDP – the advance estimate originally set for Jan. 30 and the second estimate that would normally be released Feb. 28.

The combined Feb. 28 report will contain one set of GDP numbers based on the data available from BEA’s data suppliers, including the U.S. Census Bureau, which also was affected by the funding lapse. This will include source data that would have gone into producing BEA’s advance estimate of 4th quarter and annual GDP for 2018, and some – but not all – of the source data that typically feed the second estimate.
CR Note: It appears Q4 GDP will be in the mid-2s. Unfortunately it takes some time to catch up on the data releases.

A few updated release dates from Census:

Advance Monthly Retail Sales, December [originally scheduled for 01/16/19] 02/14/19

Advance Report on Durable Goods, December [originally scheduled for 01/25/19] 02/21/19

New Residential Construction, December [originally scheduled for 01/17/19] 02/26/19

Housing Vacancies and Home Ownership, 4th Quarter 2018 [originally scheduled for 01/29/19] 02/28/19

Construction Put in Place, December [originally scheduled for 02/01/19] 03/04/19

New Residential Sales, December [originally scheduled for 01/25/19] 03/05/19