Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Night Futures

by Calculated Risk on 1/22/2017 09:01:00 PM

Menzie Chinn at Econbrowser recommends a new site: EconoFact

EconoFact is a non-partisan publication, online starting today, designed to bring key facts and incisive analysis to the national debate on economic and social policies. It is written by leading academic economists from across the country who belong to the EconoFact Network, and published by the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World at The Fletcher School at Tufts University. The co-editors are Michael Klein and Edward Schumacher-Matos.

Inaugural memos tackle Trump’s promise to bring back manufacturing jobs, the prospects for the big, beautiful wall, charter schools, the destination based border tax, whether the trade deficit is a drag on growth, and whether China is now manipulating its currency.
Schedule for Week of Jan 22, 2017

From CNBC: Pre-Market Data and Bloomberg futures: S&P futures are down 5, and DOW futures are down 34 (fair value).

Oil prices were down over the last week with WTI futures at $53.28 per barrel and Brent at $55.53 per barrel.  A year ago, WTI was at $28, and Brent was at $28 - so oil prices are up sharply year-over-year.

Here is a graph from for nationwide gasoline prices. Nationally prices are at $2.30 per gallon - a year ago prices were at $1.85 per gallon - so gasoline prices are up 45 cents a gallon year-over-year.