Thursday, November 10, 2016

Off-topic: Acceptance and Response

by Calculated Risk on 11/10/2016 05:29:00 PM

I've spoken to several young adults today, and they are in shock and experiencing overwhelming grief about the election. How could this happen in America? And what can we do?

I've also spoken to older adults, and they are terrified by the echoes of history. We need to be on guard, but not borrow trouble (I doubt the worst fears will come to pass).

First, we have to accept that Mr. Trump will be the next President.

Second, we must make our voices heard and start preparing for the elections in two and four years. I expect to disagree with many of Trump's policy proposals, but I will keep an open mind. Maybe he will surprise us (I doubt it). I will write about the economic policies on this blog, but I care deeply about the non-economic issues too.

Third, we must make it clear what is not acceptable in a civil society.

No good person should EVER accept as normal the racism, bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia Mr. Trump and some of his supporters exhibited during the election. All good people must speak out every time we hear a disgusting comment. I'd hope Mr. Trump would speak out against the rash of verbal attacks we've seen over the last day on immigrants and non-white Americans.  This must stop.

We should NEVER accept any attack on the 1st amendment. Being able to speak out is the people's check on abuse.

We should NEVER accept Mr. Trump abusing his power to silence or intimidate his critics, political opponents and accusers.

We should NEVER accept policies that disregard science and evidence.

Make your voice heard. And get ready for 2018.