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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fake Prosperity in Ireland for the G8 Summit

by Calculated Risk on 5/30/2013 05:50:00 PM

Oh my ... from the Irish Times: Recession out of the picture as Fermanagh puts on a brave face for G8 leaders

Just a few weeks ago, Flanagan’s – a former butcher’s and vegetable shop in the neat village – was cleaned and repainted with bespoke images of a thriving business placed in the windows. Any G8 delegate passing on the way to discuss global capitalism would easily be fooled into thinking that all is well with the free-market system in Fermanagh. But, the facts are different. ...

The butcher’s business has been replaced by a picture of a butcher’s business. Across the road is a similar tale. A small business premises has been made to look like an office supplies store. It used to be a pharmacy, now relocated on the village main street.

Elsewhere in Fermanagh, billboard-sized pictures of the gorgeous scenery have been located to mask the occasional stark and abandoned building site or other eyesore.
The picture in the Irish Times is amazing. Ahhh, a Potemkin village that might fool some "leaders" into thinking Ireland is actually recovering.