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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Report:: Euro-zone considering bilateral agreements for fiscal integration

by Calculated Risk on 11/26/2011 06:37:00 PM

As we all know the markets are moving faster than the policymakers in Europe. So it appears the policymakers are going to try to implement a fiscal union quicker.

But will that help? Will it bring private investors back into the bond market? Probably not, but some people think it might allow the ECB to take more aggressive action.

Oh well, the new key date is Friday December 9th.

From the WSJ: Euro Zone Weighs Plan to Speed Fiscal Integration

Euro-zone countries are weighing a new plan to accelerate the integration of their fiscal policies ... Under the proposed plan, national governments would seal bilateral agreements that wouldn't take as long as a cumbersome change to European Union treaties ... The pact that euro members are considering could be announced before the EU summit on Dec. 9 ... Some German and French officials fear that an EU treaty change could take far too long.
A new, binding fiscal regime would not be enough to justify the creation of collective euro-zone bonds, German officials say. But it might be enough to justify ECB action to stabilize bond markets
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