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Saturday, October 09, 2010

IMF: Concern about fragile economy and exchange rates

by Calculated Risk on 10/09/2010 09:57:00 PM

Via MarketWatch: Summary of IMF meeting communique

Global economy: “Economic recovery is proceeding, but remains fragile and uneven across the membership. Faced with this source of potential stress, we underscore our strong commitment to continue working collaboratively to secure strong, sustainable and balanced growth and to refrain from policy actions that would detract from this shared goal. ... The rejection of protectionism in all its forms must remain a key element of our coordinated response to the crisis; renewed efforts are urgently needed to bring the Doha Round to a successful conclusion.”
Mandate for international monetary stability: “While the international monetary system has proved resilient, tensions and vulnerabilities remain as a result of widening global imbalances, continued volatile capital flows, exchange rate movements and issues related to the supply and accumulation of official reserves. Given that these issues are critically important for the effective operation of the global economy and the stability of the international monetary system, we call on the Fund to deepen its work in these areas, including in-depth studies to help increase the effectiveness of policies to manage capital flows. We look forward to reviewing further analysis and proposals over the next year.”
Not that anything will come of this, but clearly the IMF is still concerned about the "fragile" economy, and about exchange rates.