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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blogger Redirect Error

by Calculated Risk on 6/18/2009 05:00:00 PM

Sorry to bother everyone with this issue.

Starting Tuesday, Google / Blogger erroneously started inserting a redirect warning for visitors of my old blogspot address, instead of redirecting the old blogspot URL to the new URL. This is a sytem wide problem, impacting many blogs using the redirect feature from blogspot.

Blogger engineers are working on the problem.

For Firefox users, you will see a redirect warning. Safari and Internet Explorer users are told the site no longer exists.

In my case this means Google-Blogger is not correctly redirecting:
to my new URL:

This is a problem for anyone who bookmarked the old URL, or is coming in on a link from another site (with the old URL).

To avoid this problem, you can change your bookmark to

I apologize for the inconvenience - thanks for visiting - hopefully this will be fixed soon.