Friday, January 30, 2009

Simon: New Mall Construction "Dead for a decade"

by Calculated Risk on 1/30/2009 02:04:00 PM

From Bloomberg: Simon Falls on Plan to Pay Part of Dividend in Stock (hat tip Sam)

David Simon [Chief Executive Officer, Simon Property Group Inc., the biggest U.S. shopping mall owner] ... said the company doesn’t plan to begin construction on new projects or major redevelopments in 2009 and there will be little new U.S. retail construction for years to come.

“The new development business is dead for a decade,” Simon said on today’s call. “Maybe it’s eight years. Maybe it’s not completely dead. Maybe I’m over-dramatizing it for effect.”
In Q3, investment in U.S. malls was at a $33 billion annual pace, but that includes renovations (there are always renovations). Still I'd expect mall investment to decline in half or more by the end of 2009. I'll have more on mall investment in a few days (when the supplemental GDP data is released).