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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let the Short Sale Scams Begin

by Tanta on 12/29/2007 08:35:00 PM

Thanks to reader Brad, who sent me the link to this Broker Outpost thread. I suggest reading the replies, too.

I got an agreement of sale today from a realtor looking for a prequal on a shortsale , the buyer lives next door , he has a current mortgage for $800,000 on a home he purchase in 2005 with no money down , the home he has under contact is right across the street from his present home , the offer is for $500,000 and it looks like the bank will accept it

The borrower plans to buy it as a primary , once he moves in , they will stop making payments on the $800,000 loan that they have with CW
He qualifies full doc and has a 770 FICO , he figues letting his credit tank is not a big deal when he is lowering his mortgage debt by $300,000 .

I told him the new bank may deny the deal based on occupancy , tried to convince him to go NOO but he does not want the higher rate .

What do you think ? anyone had this scenario yet , I sure it will be happening more and more especially in CA and FL