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Friday, September 17, 2021

Urban Institute: Median 95% LTV for New Mortgage Originations (Only 5% Downpayment)

by Calculated Risk on 9/17/2021 04:54:00 PM

NYU Stern professor Arpit Gupta tweeted today:

A common intuition is that borrowers put 20% down on a home.

The median down payment is actually closer to 5%, and has been for 12 years.
He included a chart from the Urban Institute showing the median LTV for new mortgage loan originations is 95% - and has been at that level for the last 12 years.

Gupta linked to the Housing Finance Policy Center's Monthly Chartbook

Here is the chart that also includes FICO and Debt-to-income (DTI).   The median DTI is at 37.5%.

Note that this is combined LTV, and probably includes 2nd loans.   Legend at top.