Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 26 COVID-19 Test Results

by Calculated Risk on 7/26/2020 05:49:00 PM

The US is now reporting over 700,000 tests per day. Based on the experience of other countries, the percent positive needs to be well under 5% to really push down new infections, so the US still needs to increase the number of tests per day significantly (or take actions to push down the number of new infections).

There were 855,811 test results reported over the last 24 hours.

There were 61,713 positive tests.

The seven day average of daily deaths has moved higher for the 11th consecutive day. See the graph on US Daily Deaths here.

COVID-19 Tests per Day Click on graph for larger image.

This data is from the COVID Tracking Project.

The percent positive over the last 24 hours was 7.2% (red line). This is the lowest percent positive in 3 weeks.

For the status of contact tracing by state, check out

And check out COVID Exit Strategy to see how each state is doing.