Monday, January 29, 2018

Black Knight: House Price Index up 0.3% in November, Up 6.4% year-over-year

by Calculated Risk on 1/29/2018 12:36:00 PM

Note: I follow several house price indexes (Case-Shiller, CoreLogic, Black Knight, Zillow, FHFA and more). Note: Black Knight uses the current month closings only (not a three month average like Case-Shiller or a weighted average like CoreLogic), excludes short sales and REOs, and is not seasonally adjusted.

From Black Knight: Black Knight HPI: Appreciation Remains Steady as U.S. Home Prices Gain 0.27 Percent in November, Up 6.44 Percent Year-Over-Year

• After 67 consecutive months of annual appreciation, U.S. home prices reached another new peak at $283K

• At the national level, home prices have now gained 6.49 percent growth since the start of 2017

• New York led all states in monthly appreciation with home prices there rising 1.36 percent from October
• Home prices fell in six of the nation’s 20 largest states; Wisconsin saw the largest decline at -0.37 percent

• Ten of the 20 largest states and 12 of the 40 largest metros hit new home price peaks in November
Once again, this index is Not seasonally adjusted, and seasonally declines in some states is expected (so don't read too much into any regional declines).  The year-over-year increase in this index has been about the same for the last year (close to 6% range).

Note also that house prices are above the bubble peak in nominal terms, but not in real terms (adjusted for inflation).  Case-Shiller for November will be released tomorrow.