Monday, December 07, 2015

Duy's Fed Watch: "And That's A Wrap"

by Bill McBride on 12/07/2015 06:07:00 PM

A few excerpts from a piece by Tim Duy: And That's A Wrap

If you had any doubt about the outcome of next week's FOMC meeting, Friday's employment report set you straight. When I try to think about what could stay the Fed's hand at this point, I am down to zombie apocalypse or act of God. I am not betting on either. By next week, we will be wrapping up our coverage of ZIRP, quietly filing away everything we learned for the next recession. That we return to ZIRP in the future remains my long-run view. But that is a concern for a future date.
Bottom Line: Rate hike coming. This round of ZIRP is nearly wrapped up. But that end is really just a new beginning. Arguably, the end of ZIRP raises more questions than it answers. The pace of subsequent tightening, the normalization - or not - of the balance sheet, and the countdown to the next easing are all issues now on the table.
CR Note: The FOMC meets next week, and it appears the FOMC raise rates on December 16th.