Friday, August 28, 2015

Fed's Vice Chair Fischer: “When the case is overwhelming, if you wait that long, then you’ve waited too long.”

by Calculated Risk on 8/28/2015 08:43:00 PM

Note: Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12:25 PM ET, Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer will speak at the Jackson Hole Symposium on "U.S. Inflation Developments"

A couple of quotes from earlier today ...

From Binyamin Appelbaum at the NY Times: Fed Official Fischer Leaves Door Open for September Rate Increase

Mr. Fischer said the Fed was preparing to raise interest rates soon because of the “impressive” growth of the domestic economy. He suggested that the recent volatility of global financial markets could cause the Fed to hesitate, but only if it persisted.

“We haven’t made a decision yet, and I don’t think we should,” Mr. Fischer said in an interview with the cable network CNBC. “We’ve got time to wait and see,” because the Fed’s policy-making committee does not meet until Sept. 16 and 17.
Mr. Fischer also emphasized Friday that the Fed would not wait until all of its questions were answered. Some amount of uncertainty is inevitable. “When the case is overwhelming, if you wait that long,” he said, “then you’ve waited too long.”
September is still possible, although many economists are now looking at December for the first rate hike.