Monday, March 16, 2015

Tuesday: Housing Starts

by Bill McBride on 3/16/2015 05:47:00 PM

From Reuters: U.S. fuel consumption is soaring amid cheaper prices (ht Shane)

Fuel demand in Texas is growing strongly as lower oil prices encourage motorists to use their vehicles more and buy larger replacements.

Receipts of motor fuel taxes in February 2015 were 6 percent higher than in the same month in 2014, according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
• 8:30 AM ET, Housing Starts for February. Total housing starts were at 1.065 million (SAAR) in January. Single family starts were at 678 thousand SAAR in January. The consensus is for total housing starts to decrease to 1.040 million (SAAR) in February.

• At 10:00 AM, Regional and State Employment and Unemployment (Monthly) for January