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Friday, November 14, 2014

MBA National Delinquency Survey: Judicial vs. Non-Judicial Foreclosure States in Q3 2014

by Calculated Risk on 11/14/2014 02:13:00 PM

Earlier I posted the MBA National Delinquency Survey press release and a graph that showed mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures by period past due. There is a clear downward trend for mortgage delinquencies, however some states are further along than others. From the press release:

“On an aggregated basis, both judicial and non-judicial states saw decreases in loans in foreclosure, although the judicial states continue to have a combined foreclosure inventory rate that is around three times that of non-judicial states. New Jersey continues to lead the nation in loans in foreclosure, although it saw another decrease from the previous quarter. Florida, once with the highest percentage of loans in foreclosure, experienced a significant decrease in the third quarter. The foreclosure inventory in Florida has declined steadily for over two years now, and the percentage of loans in foreclosure is currently less than half of its peak in 2011. State level trends continue to be driven by local economic factors and state law. For example, a change in DC foreclosure mediation requirements was the likely cause of a shift of loans from the 90 days or more past due status to having the foreclosure process initiated,” [Mike Fratantoni, MBA’s chief economist] said.
MBA In-foreclosure by stateClick on graph for larger image.

This graph is from the MBA and shows the percent of loans in the foreclosure process by state. Posted with permission.  Blue is for judicial foreclosure states, and red for non-judicial foreclosure states.

The top states are New Jersey (7.96% in foreclosure, down from 8.10% in Q2), Florida (6.12%, down from 6.81%), New York (5.72%, down from 5.89%), and Maine (4.29% down from 4.51%).  Nevada is the only non-judicial state in the top 10, and this is partially due to state laws that slow foreclosures (D.C added some new foreclosure mediation requirements).

Former bubble states California (1.05% down from 1.10%) and Arizona (0.85%, unchanged from Q2) are now far below the national average by every measure.

Judicial vs. non-Judicial statesFor judicial foreclosure states, it appears foreclosure inventory peaked in Q2 2012 (foreclosure inventory is the number of mortgages in the foreclosure process).  Foreclosure inventory in the judicial states has declined for nine consecutive quarters.  This was three years after the peak in foreclosure inventories for non-judicial states.

It looks like the judicial states will have a significant number of distressed sales for a couple more years - however the non-judicial states are closer to normal levels.