Monday, November 17, 2014

CoStar: Commercial Real Estate prices increased in September

by Calculated Risk on 11/17/2014 04:14:00 PM

Here is a price index for commercial real estate that I follow. 

From CoStar: Commercial Real Estate Price Surge Continues In Third Quarter

NATIONAL COMPOSITE INDICES CONTINUE TO CLIMB. Both the value-weighted and the equal-weighted U.S. Composite Indices of the CCRSI made strong gains in September 2014 to close the quarter. The value-weighted index, which is heavily influenced by core transactions, advanced by 1.9% in the month of September and 3.3% in the third quarter of 2014. The value-weighted index is now 2.8% above its prerecession high and continues to make solid gains. The equal-weighted U.S. Composite Index, which is heavily influenced by smaller non-core deals, increased by 1.3% in September and 4.2% in the third quarter of 2014.
ANNUAL PRICE GAINS REALIZED ACROSS ALL MAJOR PROPERTY SECTORS. The retail, industrial, and office segments all moved up toward 2007 pricing levels in September 2014 and are now within 11.4%, 14.4%, and 21.2% of their previous peaks, respectively. The multifamily sector, which recovered earlier than the other property types, is now 1% above its previous peak.
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Commercial Real Estate Prices Click on graph for larger image.

This graph from CoStar shows the the value-weighted U.S. Composite Index and the equal-weighted U.S. Composite Index indexes.

 The value weighted index is above the pre-recession peak, but the equal weighted is still well below the pre-recession peak.

There are indexes by sector and region too.

Commercial Real Estate Prices The second graph shows indexes by sector.

The multifamily sector is now above the previous peak.  The office sector is lagging.

Note: These are repeat sales indexes - like Case-Shiller for residential - but this is based on far fewer pairs.