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Sunday, August 11, 2013

U.S. Population Distribution by Age, 1900 through 2060

by Calculated Risk on 8/11/2013 06:34:00 PM

As I follow up to my earlier post on the number of births in 2012, here is an animation of the U.S population distribution, by age, from 1900 through 2060. The population data and estimates are from the Census Bureau (actual through 2010 and projections through 2060).

In 1900, the graph was fairly steep, but with improving health care, the graph has flattened out over the last 100 years.

Note: Prior to 1940, the oldest group was 75+.  From 1940 through 1985, the oldest group was 85+.  Starting in 1990, the oldest group is 100+.

Watch for:
1) the original baby bust preceding the baby boom (the decline in births prior to and during the Depression). Those are the people currently in retirement.

2) the Baby Boom is obvious.

3) By 2020 or 2025, the largest cohorts will all be under 40.

Animation updates every second.

U.S. Births per Year