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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday: State Employment, Snoxx Socks!

by Calculated Risk on 4/18/2013 09:03:00 PM

Way off topic ... What are Snoxx socks? Long term readers know that Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen is a family friend (wow - the 2006 Olympics is a long time ago). Well Sasha was tired of losing a sock from each pair of athletic socks, so she designed socks with a snap.   Snoxx!  You can read about the socks here.

Sasha has finished the design and is using KickStarter to get started with the manufacturing: Snoxx Socks: Colorful Athletic Socks With A Snap

Felix Salmon had an article about how KickStarter works today: Kickstarter funders aren’t angel investors

Kickstarter is not a store, but it’s definitely not a place to raise seed-round equity. The money that gets raised by a company on Kickstarter isn’t debt, and isn’t equity: it’s operating revenues. From a business-plan perspective, Kickstarter revenues are basically pre-orders.
So if are interested in a pair (or three) of Snoxx, check out KickStarter or Sasha's website. There are big spender specials too - like the opportunity to skate with Sasha!  Now back to economics ...

Friday economic releases:
• At 8:30 AM ET, the BLS will release Regional and State Employment and Unemployment (Monthly) for March 2013