Monday, May 07, 2012

Look Ahead: Futures Down

by Calculated Risk on 5/07/2012 01:25:00 AM

There are no major US economic releases scheduled for Monday (consumer credit for March will be released at 3 PM ET). The discussion on Monday will mostly be about the elections in France and Greece, and what they means for the euro zone economy. The politicians in Greece will try to form a coalition government, and if that is not successful, there will be a new election.

The Asian markets are all red tonight. The Nikkei is down about 2.5%, Hang Seng is down 2.7%.

From CNBC: Pre-Market Data and Bloomberg futures: the S&P 500 futures are down 13 points, and Dow futures are down 120.

Oil: WTI futures are down to $97.10 and Brent is down to $112.34 per barrel.

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