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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Report: Not so Super committee to admit defeat as soon as Monday

by Calculated Risk on 11/20/2011 09:15:00 AM

From the WaPo: Supercommittee likely to admit defeat on debt deal

The congressional committee tasked with reducing the federal deficit is poised to admit defeat as soon as Monday ...

... many economists consider particularly urgent the need to extend jobless benefits and the one-year payroll tax cut. ... the payroll tax cut, enacted last December, allows most American workers to keep an additional 2 percent of their earnings, a boon to tight household budgets as well as the economic recovery. Economists at J.P. Morgan Chase recently estimated that if Congress does not extend the two measures, economic growth next year could take a hit of as much as two percentage points — enough to revive fears of a recession.
Just about everyone expected the committee to fail. The key is how much fiscal tightening happens next year - as I've noted before, the two most significant downside risks to the U.S. economy in 2012 are the European financial crisis and more fiscal tightening.

As Goldman Sachs economist noted on November 11th, the impact from not extending the payroll tax cut would be significant: "Our forecast assumes that the payroll tax cut is extended for another year; if that failed to happen, the fiscal drag in early 2012 would rise significantly." And their forecast for Q1 2012 is for 0.5% GDP growth ...

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