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Monday, August 01, 2011

Misc: Fiscal Drag, House Vote, Stall Speed?

by Calculated Risk on 8/01/2011 05:27:00 PM

• From J.P. Morgan (this includes debt ceiling deal, expiring EUB, payroll tax cut. etc.):

Impending fiscal drag for 2012 remains intact. The deal does nothing to extend the various stimulus measure which will expire next year: we continue to believe federal fiscal policy will subtract around 1.5%-points from GDP growth in 2012. Its possible the fiscal commission could do something to extend some measure such as the one-year 2% payroll tax holiday, though we think unlikely, as it would need to be paid for, which would be tough. If anything, the debt deal may add modestly to the fiscal drag we have penciled in for next year.
• From the WSJ: House Closes In on Vote as Deadline Approaches
The U.S. House began debate Monday afternoon, and voted 249-178 on a procedural measure to allow final debate on the bill, expected Monday evening. The procedural vote is a test of support for the underlying bill. As the House moved forward, the Senate scheduled its vote on the debt ceiling for Tuesday ...
• From David Altig at Macroblog: Is the economy hitting stall speed?
[R]esearch shows that things could become considerably less comfortable if the 2 percent threshold persists, or the yield curve flattens, or the housing market tanks again. At that point, history is on the side of the recessionists. While Lockhart and our Reserve Bank don't believe we're there yet, it's fair to say we'd feel more comfortable if the incoming third quarter data were a little more positive. And on that count, this morning's Institute for Supply Management report for manufacturing isn't a very promising first step.
Many people (myself included) keep looking for a little pickup in activity that never seems to materialize. Of course the slowdown in July can be blamed on a self inflicted wound to an already fragile economy. I wonder what the excuse will be in August?