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Monday, March 07, 2011

Time: Top Financial Blogs

by Calculated Risk on 3/07/2011 08:44:00 PM

I appreciate the mention from Time: The 25 Best Financial Blogs. Professor Hamilton's introduction to my blog was much too kind. Thanks!

The editors at asked if I'd write a review of one of the other blogs on their list, although they wouldn't tell me who was on the list. They asked me to send them a short list of blogs I'd like to write a review for, and then they'd pick one.

The top two blogs on my short list were Hamilton's Econbrowser (with Menzie Chinn), and Mark Thoma's EconomistsView(with Tim Duy who writes FedWatch) - two of my favorite economic blogs. I'm shocked that EconomistsView is not on the list.

I wish I'd written a better review of Econbrowser - I was under the weather last week, and they edited my piece extensively (it needed editing).

From my unedited review: "In a recent research paper, “Historical Oil Shocks”, Dr. Hamilton reviewed several oil shocks and the impact on oil prices and the economy – a timely topic. He has discussed the paper in several blog posts, including a discussion of the possible impact of the events in Libya on oil prices and the U.S. economy (see “Libya, oil prices, and the economic outlook”). Hamilton’s analysis shows the events so far “are not in the same ballpark as the major historical oil supply disruptions”, but he cautions that geopolitical changes might continue to spread."

Great analysis. Best wishes to all.