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Friday, March 04, 2011

Misc: Oil, Gasoline, Libya

by Calculated Risk on 3/04/2011 08:17:00 PM

• Libya

From McClatchy: Huge explosion levels key Libyan rebels' arms depot

From al Jazeera: Live Blog - Libya March 5

From the NY Times: Battle in Libya for Strategic Town Kills at Least 13

• Ronald White at the LA Times: California's average gas price is highest in U.S., $3.845 a gallon

On Friday, California drivers paid an average of $3.845 for a gallon of regular gasoline, up more than 3 cents from the day before. With that increase, California became the state with the most costly gas, according to AAA's daily fuel-price survey, toppling Hawaii, which was close behind at an average price of $3.836. Alaska came in third at $3.80.
Ouch. U.S. oil prices closed at $104.42 per barrel.

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