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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Report: 46% of Mortgage Refis are 'Cash in'

by Calculated Risk on 2/01/2011 11:08:00 PM

From Dina ElBoghdady at the WaPo: Low rates prompting more 'cash-in' refinances

In the fourth quarter, 46 percent of borrowers who refinanced their primary mortgages brought cash to settlement to lower the balance on their loans, Freddie Mac said. That's the highest share of so-called "cash-in" refinances since the company started tracking the numbers in 1985.
Some people are doing 'cash in' refis because they have negative equity, others to avoid PMI, and apparently a large number are bringing cash to closing to meet conforming loan limits:
Among them is Amy Rifkind, an attorney who wrote a check for about $70,000 when she refinanced her home ... By doing that, Rifkind and her husband brought down their loan balance below the $417,000 mark and secured a 4.25 percent rate.
Talk about deleveraging - we've come a long way from the 'cash out' craze.