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Monday, February 28, 2011

Libya Updates

by Calculated Risk on 2/28/2011 05:23:00 PM

By request ...
• From the NY Times: Libya Wages Counterattack Against Rebels on 3 Fronts

Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi’s forces struck back on three fronts on Monday, using fighter jets, special forces units and regular army troops in an escalation of hostilities that brought Libya closer to civil war.

The attacks by the colonel’s troops on an oil refinery in central Libya and on cities on either side of the country ... showed that despite defections by the military, the government still possessed powerful assets, including fighter pilots willing to bomb Libyan cities.
• From the NY Times: U.S. Readies Military Options on Libya

• From the Telegraph: West ready to use force against Col Gaddafi amid chemical weapon fears
The Prime Minister disclosed that he would not rule out “the use of military assets” as Britain “must not tolerate this regime using military forces against its own people”. Britain and America are also thought to be considering arming rebel forces in Libya.
Mr Cameron told MPs that Britain and its allies were considering using fighter jets to impose a no-fly zone over Libya
• From al Jazeera: Live Blog - Libya March 1