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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update on Egypt, Yemen

by Calculated Risk on 1/27/2011 08:26:00 PM

From the Telegraph: Egypt protests: Mubarak rival flies to Egypt as the revolt gathers pace

For the past three days, the revolt against Mr Mubarak has been one of unadulterated people-power, galvanised by the internet and word of mouth and driven by the young.

Disgruntled Egyptians from different classes and different parts of the country have joined the cause, shedding a fear of authority that has become part of the country's collective psyche. It is this growing confidence of the masses, inspired by Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, which has so unnerved the authorities.
From the Financial Times: ElBaradei return raises stakes in Egypt
The 68-year-old Mr ElBaradei, a former Egyptian diplomat and ex-chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told reporters in Cairo that he would take part in protests that opposition parties and a youth protest movement have called for following Friday prayers.

“The barrier of fear is broken and it will not come back,” he said.
excerpt with permission
From the NY Times: Thousands in Yemen Protest Against the Government
Yemen, one of the Middle East’s most impoverished countries and a haven for Al Qaeda militants, became the latest Arab state to witness mass protests on Thursday, as thousands of Yemenis took to the streets in the capital and other regions to demand a change in government.
This has a 1989 feel to it, but I fear the outcome will not be as successful - or as peaceful.