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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Investors buying foreclosures in Phoenix

by Calculated Risk on 7/04/2010 05:22:00 PM

Here is an article from the AP about investors buying foreclosures in the Phoenix area: Finding gold in them thar foreclosures (ht Ian).

I can add a little to this story: I know of an individual investor (through a close friend) in the Phoenix area who has bought almost 100 homes over the last 18 months. The investor has shared with me his portfolio. He has only bought single family homes, no condos. His average purchase price was under $35,000 and most of the homes are 3 br / 2 ba.

He is renting the homes, many by the room. Yeah, they sound like flophouses! The investor is starting to have a vacancy problem that he attributes to the new Arizona immigration law that takes effect on July 29th.

I reviewed the public records of some of the homes this investor bought - as an example he bought a 3 br / 2 ba 1,200 sq ft home for about $35,000 a couple of months ago - and that is about the average for the homes he has been buying. Very basic, dirt yards ... not the best area.

He paid in the low $20,000s for a home he bought last summer that sold for over $180,000 in 2006! That is almost 90% off the peak price (the house sold for $62,000 in 2004, so I'm guessing fraud in 2006 - and maybe in 2004 too).

Note: all numbers changed a little - the investor wants to remain anonymous.