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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charlie Rose: Geithner on Financial Regulatory Reform and Elizabeth Warren

by Calculated Risk on 7/24/2010 08:25:00 PM

Early today: Part 5B of Sovereign default series: What Happens If Things Go Really Badly? More Things Can Go Badly: Credit Default Swaps, Interest Swaps and Options, Foreign Exchange

Here is the full interview at

Charlie Rose (about 6 mins): "Will Professor Elizabeth Warren be the new director of the consumer agency?"

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner: "She is a incredibly capable effective advocate for reform. She was way ahead of her time - way ahead of the country - in pointing out what was actually happening in the credit business. All the bad stuff that was happening. The looming housing crisis. She was pioneering in pointing out those risks. And she is the most effective advocate of reform we have in the country on these questions. And obviously I think she would do a great job in that position."

Charlie Rose: "She has the qualities you are looking for?"

Geithner: "Absolutely. Without a doubt."

A short preview (doesn't include Warren comments).