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Monday, May 24, 2010

Futures Off Tonight

by Calculated Risk on 5/24/2010 11:56:00 PM

The U.S. futures are off tonight:

From CNBC: Pre-Market Data shows the S&P 500 off about 19 or almost 2.0%. Dow futures are off about 150 points.

Get your Dow 10K hats ready ... I've heard the Libor is "going nutty" (no link).

CBOT mini-sized Dow

And the Asian markets are off about 2% ... and a graph of the Asian markets.

The Euro is back down to 1.23 dollars. Some other sources for exchange rates and NetDania.

And a couple of stories ...

From Micheal Pettis at Bloomberg: China Falls Victim to Greek Deficit Contagion

And from the Financial Times: Obama adviser calls for new ‘mini-stimulus’

The Obama administration made a strong plea to Congress on Monday to grit its teeth and pass a new set of spending measures ... in order to help dig the economy “out of a deep valley”. ... Lawrence Summers ... urged Congress to pass up to $200bn (£138.9bn) in spending measures ... last year’s $787bn stimulus is wearing off.
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Could be an interesting day ...

Best to all.