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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Morning Greece

by Calculated Risk on 4/06/2010 09:01:00 AM

Just an update ...

Market News International reported that Greece may want to cut the International Monetary Fund out of the rescue package. However an unnamed Greece official denied the report, from the WSJ Greece to Pitch Dollar Bond to U.S. Investors

"Don't expect at this point any major push by Athens to get the IMF out of the picture," the official said. "There is unhappiness with the support package because it's vague. And, yes, the involvement of the IMF is something that we could do without," the official said. "But it was us who first raised the IMF card and I don't think the Greek government will or can renegotiate the package. It will show inconsistency."

This official said Greece would like more clarity on any aid package involving the IMF, but the government doesn't plan to demand the agreement be renegotiated to exclude the IMF.
Update: Jason sent me an update from the Street on Greek bonds: "Wider by 50 on the day in the 10 years and 120 in 2 year, it is clear panic has now set in ..."