Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Report: BofA to Announce Mortgage Principal Reduction Plan

by Calculated Risk on 3/24/2010 05:35:00 AM

From Reuters: BofA to start reducing mortgage principal-sources

Bank of America will ... announce plans to start forgiving mortgage loan principal for troubled homeowners who owe more than 120 percent of their home's value or are battling ever-expanding "negative amortization" loans.

According to a summary of the program obtained by Reuters, Bank of America pledged to offer an "earned principal forgiveness" of up to 30 percent in two stages. The lender will first offer an interest-free forbearance of principal that the homeowner can turn into forgiven principal annually over five years, provided they stay current on their payments.
Apparently under the plan, the mortgage debt will be reduced to 100% of the house's value over 5 years. The details should be released today by BofA.