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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bank Failure Friday Preview

by Calculated Risk on 3/04/2010 11:08:00 PM

While everyone is thinking snow and (un)employment ... this is just a reminder that the weather is nice in Puerto Rico. It is very possible that the FDIC will close a bank there tomorrow, see: Reports on Possible Imminent Bank Failures.

Also Dow Jones had some interesting speculation today (no link) about the differences between the assets of the number of banks with formal actions or capital deficiencies, and the assets of the banks on the FDIC's problem bank list.

[W]hat's known about the list, combined with data about banks known to have capital deficiencies, suggests one or more regional banks, those with maybe $20 billion or more in assets, are deemed to be in danger.

I think it's quite possible that someone in that size range is on the list," said Bert Ely, an independent banking consultant.

Dow Jones Newswires found 653 banks with some outward indication of a capital deficiency--that is, banks below regulators' "well-capitalized" thresholds on one or more key capital ratios or subject to a formal order from regulators requiring them to improve or monitor their capital. The numbers were compiled using data from SNL Financial, a financial-information company. [CR Note: Our Unofficial list has 644 banks].

Most of these banks are likely on the FDIC's problem list. The total is close to the 702 tallied by the FDIC. But the 653 banks have total assets of $313.2 billion--far below the $402.8 billion of the FDIC list.
So it is possible that a fairly large regional bank has been added to the list.