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Monday, October 19, 2009

An FHA Loan Example, Einhorn Speech, and More

by Calculated Risk on 10/19/2009 05:21:00 PM

  • Scott Jagow at American Public Media MarketPlace provides an example of a recent FHA insured loan homebuyer: On the flip side...
    Denise works three jobs so she can afford her new house. She makes $2470 a month but pays $1328 to service her mortgage. That means 54% of her income goes to the house, leaving her with $285 a week to live on. Doable, but tight. She’s breaking the 30% rule and then some, not to mention she’s still spending out of pocket to renovate the yard, fix the roof and paint.
    Apparently 20 year old Denise bought the home for $155,000, and according to the comments, obtained an additional $28,000 on a "203K HUD supplemental loan to renovate the home" for a total of $183,000.

    Not exactly up to the new proposed FSA standards of affordability!

  • Rolfe Winkler has a speech from David Einhorn Einhorn on gold, sovereign default, and more. Here is the pfd of the speech. I don't agree with everything he says, but he is entertaining!

  • Paul Kiel at Propublica writes: Four Banks in Govt’s ‘Healthy Bank’ Bailout Struggle to Survive.
    The government has doled out billions to 687 banks [1] over the past year through a program meant to bolster already “healthy” banks. But an increasing number of those are troubled. Four banks in particular are foundering, including one that has acknowledged its executives cooked its books.
    Paul has the details.