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Thursday, August 20, 2009

FDIC: DIF Update, may soften Private Equity Rules

by Calculated Risk on 8/20/2009 01:32:00 PM

First there has been some discussion of the status of the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF).

Bloomberg has some details: FDIC May Add to Special Fees as Mounting Failures Drain Reserve

... The fund had $13 billion on March 31, the lowest since 1992 when it was $178.4 million, the FDIC said. The 56 bank collapses since March 31 cost an estimated $16 billion.

... the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to impose a special fee as soon as next month to boost reserves by $5.6 billion. ...

If the fund is drained, the FDIC also has the option of tapping a line of credit at the Treasury Department that Congress extended in May to $100 billion, with temporary borrowing authority of $500 billion through 2010.
This special assessment is on top of the Q2 "emergency fee of 5 cents for every $100 of assets". So the FDIC still has resources to pay all insurance claims.

And from the WSJ: FDIC to Soften Private-Equity Curbs
... The FDIC is expected to retreat from its July proposal that private-equity firms have a Tier 1 capital ratio of at least 15% in order to bid on failed banks, and instead require such investors to maintain ratios of at least 10% ...

The FDIC also is expected to ease parts of its proposal that would have required buyout firms to guarantee that they'd provide financial support to any of their banking subsidiaries. ... Buyout firms are still expected to complain about mandates that they hold on to bank charters for at least three years, which would constrain the firms from turning quick profits on the deals.