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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Econbrowser Shifts to Neutral

by Calculated Risk on 8/30/2009 03:16:00 PM

Professor Hamilton has changed the emoticon on his site to neutral. Hamilton has been generally negative since early 2007 ...

Sep 13, 2006happy
Feb 21, 2007sad
Apr 25, 2007neutral
Jun 27, 2007sad
Oct 5, 2007neutral
Jan 4, 2008sad
Aug 30, 2009neutral
If you've only been following Econbrowser since 2008, you may have thought that the crabby countenance in the upper-right corner of our main page was a permanent fixture, conveying our general grumpiness about the state of the economy or perhaps life in general. Despite having been stuck in the pessimistic mode for quite some time now, the emoticon was in fact always intended to be a dynamic feature, adjusted from time to time to provide readers with our overall impression of incoming data. The table on the left provides links to each occasion that our Little Econ Watcher's countenance has changed in the past.

Last week's data persuaded me to move the Econbrowser Emoticon back into neutral, signifying that I now judge overall output to be growing slowly rather than declining. Here are details on the evidence that prompted this change in assessment, and what it signifies.
See Hamilton's post for the reasons for the change. I think we are a long way from a smiley face.