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Monday, August 31, 2009

CNBC: What Banks are doing with Foreclosures

by Calculated Risk on 8/31/2009 05:01:00 PM

Diana Olick at CNBC has some BofA info: What Banks Are Really Doing With Foreclosures

Bank of America:

  • Foreclosure sales have been abnormally low since we learned of the pending implementation of the administration’s Making Home Affordable program. From that point, we delayed the initiation of foreclosure proceedings and sales for customers that may eligible for a loan modification under MHA. As a result of this policy, our foreclosure sales in recent months have been as little as half the normal pace we experienced before.
  • Now that Making Home Affordable programs are operational, we do project an increase in foreclosures as we exhaust every available option to qualify customers for modifications and other solutions.
  • We do not hold foreclosed properties off the market.
  • According to BofA, they are not sitting on REOs (Real Estate Owned) for longer than normal, but they are holding off foreclosing - pending modification attempts. That is basically what the data says too.

    The Q2 FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile showed the banks held $11.5 billion in 1-4 family residential REO at the end of Q2. That is the same level as the last several quarters.

    But what has really changed is the surge in delinquencies - combined with the banks holding off foreclosing. As BofA notes, this will lead to a wave of foreclosures later this year and into 2010, however the size of the wave depends on the success of the modification programs (not looking great so far).