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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WSJ: FDIC to Split Failed Banks Hoping to find Buyers

by Calculated Risk on 7/29/2009 09:07:00 PM

Think Corus and Guaranty (Texas) ...

From the WSJ: FDIC Poised to Split Banks to Lure Buyers (ht jb)

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ... is poised to start breaking failed financial institutions into good and bad pieces in an effort to drum up more interest from prospective buyers.

The strategy ... is aimed at selling the most distressed hunks of failed banks to private-equity firms and other types of investors who may be more willing than traditional banks to take a flier on bad assets. The traditional banks could then bid on the deposits, branches and other bits of the failed institution that are appealing.

"We want banks to participate in the resolution process, but we know it's a tough time for banks to participate in the resolution process," said Joseph Jiampietro, a senior adviser to FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair. ... "There are certain situations when assets are so distressed and make up a significant percentage of the balance sheet that strategic buyers are hesitant to participate in the process," said Mr. Jiampietro.
The article quotes Jiampietro as saying the process is "pretty far along" and that a transaction could happen soon. As I said, think Corus and Guaranty Financial. Both will probably be seized as soon as bidders can be found.

This suggests an RTC type entity might also be formed. Interesting times.