Friday, July 31, 2009

More Cash for More Clunkers

by Calculated Risk on 7/31/2009 02:57:00 PM

From NY Times: House Votes for $2 Billion Fund to Extend ‘Clunker’ Plan (ht Paul)

The House of Representatives voted to provide an emergency $2 billion for the “cash for clunkers” program on Friday, and the White House declared the program very much alive, even though car buyers appear to have already snapped up the $1 billion that Congress originally appropriated.
The Senate, which will be in session next week, will take up the program then.
“If you were planning on going to buy a car this weekend using this program, the program continues to run,” [Robert Gibbs, the chief White House spokesman] said. “If you meet the requirements of the program, the certificates will be honored.”