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Friday, May 15, 2009

FDIC's Bair: Some Bank CEOs will be Replaced

by Calculated Risk on 5/15/2009 11:51:00 AM

2nd Update: From FDIC: FDIC Statement Clarifying Bloomberg Article

Statement from the FDIC Office of Public Affairs, "The Bloomberg story referencing Chairman Bair's discussion of management and board changes is misleading and does not provide the proper context of her comments. Chairman Bair said that management changes could happen based on the capital plans that an institution must submit to the government. She did not refer to CEOs specifically and the comment was in the context of capital plans submitted by the institutions. Chairman Bair also did not suggest the federal government will remove the bank CEOs."

Transcript of the exchange from Bloomberg follows:

MR. HUNT: But in the same situation, or similar situation, the government already replaced CEOs at Fannie and Freddie and General Motors -

MS. BAIR: Yes, that's right.

MR. HUNT: And some people say, well, why is the head of Bank of America still there? Or why are some of these other banks' CEO's still there?

MS. BAIR: Right, well, obviously I don't comment on open and operating institutions. I think the review needs to go with both the management and the boards as well, absolutely. And management needs to be evaluated and is this the right skill set, have they been doing a good job, are there people who can do a better job, those kinds of questions.

MR. HUNT: Do you think some will be replaced in the next couple of months without getting into the particulars?

MS. BAIR: Yeah, I think there will be an evaluation process. We're requesting it as part of the capital plan and yes.
Update: From Bloomberg: Bair Says Some Bank Chiefs Will Be Replaced in Next Few Months

From FDIC's Sheila Bair on Political Capital with Al Hunt this weekend (Bloomberg TV):

  • Some Bank CEOs will be replaced in next few months

  • 'No one accountable' for entire U.S. banking system

  • U.S. needs to fill 'hole' on oversight of holding companies

  • U.S. to have management 'evaluation' process at banks

  • 'Need is still there' to remove toxic assets from banks

  • Liquidity crisis is over