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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chrysler Bankruptcy Issues

by Calculated Risk on 4/30/2009 11:46:00 PM

For those interested in the legal issues surrounding the Chrysler bankruptcy, here are a couple of posts from attorney Steven Jakubowski.

First, an overview of situation and Chrysler balance sheet:

Part I: Assessing The Financial Carnage

Second, a discussion of some of the legal issues:

Part II: Testing The Limits Of Section 363 Sales

Jakubowski concludes:

So, who will win? Really, only the true speculator and/or holder of Chrysler credit default swaps will (and perhaps Fiat if they--unlike their predecessors--can make it work), as my first post on the financial carnage at Chrysler demonstrates. My guess is that after much briefing, discovery, and expedited litigation over the next 60 days, Judge Gonzalez will show enough angst to worry both sides that they stand to lose, thus resulting in a compromise that settles the matter and allows the transaction to go forward. But with all Chrysler plants and operations now idled pending a final sale, the pressure to get the deal consummated and return people to work will be so overwhelming that it's hard to imagine Judge Gonzalez not approving the transaction in some form that's acceptable to everyone (except perhaps the dissenting lenders).