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Sunday, February 22, 2009

CNBC: Stress Test Details on Monday

by Calculated Risk on 2/22/2009 03:14:00 PM

From CNBC: Crafting a Bank Plan...No 'Lehman Weekends'

On the Stress Test:

New details on the so-called bank stress test could be made available as soon as tomorrow, officials say. ... Details on [the worst-case economic] scenarios are likely to be made public on Wednesday.
On Preprivatization:
If the banks end up in government hands, officials say, the intent would be to get them into private hands quickly and do so in a way that is not much different from how the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. currently resolves bank insolvencies ...
CNBC's Steve Liesman quoting an anonymous high level official:
“I think the market is missing that the whole intent of this process is to show that the banks have enough capital for even worse outcomes than we currently envision and to show there’s a program in place to give banks access to that capital if they need it.”
Isn't the point of the exercise to find out if the banks have enough capital, as opposed to "show that" they have enough capital?

As least the government, according to CNBC, will outline their view of the worst-case economic scenarios on Wednesday. That is a start.