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Monday, January 26, 2009

Fannie to ask for up to $16 Billion

by Calculated Risk on 1/26/2009 06:31:00 PM

From the Fannie Mae 8-K SEC filing today:

Fannie Mae (formally, the Federal National Mortgage Association) is in the process of preparing its financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2008 and the year ended December 31, 2008. Based on preliminary unaudited information concerning its results for these periods, management currently expects that the Federal Housing Finance Agency, acting in its capacity as conservator of Fannie Mae (the "Conservator"), will submit a request to the U.S. Department of the Treasury ("Treasury") to draw funds on behalf of Fannie Mae under the $100 billion Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement entered into between Treasury and the Conservator, acting on behalf of Fannie Mae, on September 7, 2008, and subsequently amended and restated on September 26, 2008 (the "Purchase Agreement"). Although management currently estimates that the amount of this initial draw will be approximately $11 billion to $16 billion, the actual amount of the draw may differ materially from this estimate because Fannie Mae is still working through the process of preparing and finalizing its financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2008 and the year ended December 31, 2008.

Under the terms of the Purchase Agreement, Treasury committed, upon the request of the Conservator, to provide funds to Fannie Mae after any quarter in which Fannie Mae has a negative net worth (that is, the company’s total liabilities exceed its total assets, as reflected on the company’s balance sheet prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles).
emphasis added
This follows the SEC filing from Freddie Mac outlining the request of up to $35 billion from the Treasury. These are the first requests to use the $200 billion emergency fund set up by Treasury in September.

No word if we all get Free Ice Cream!