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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

GMAC Approved as Bank Holding Company

by Calculated Risk on 12/24/2008 05:32:00 PM

From the Fed: Order Approving Formation of Bank Holding Companies and Notice to Engage in Certain Nonbanking Activities. Here is interesting part on ownership:

To address concerns that GM could control GMAC and GMAC Bank for purposes of the BHC Act, GM has committed to the Board that before consummation of the proposal, GM will reduce its ownership interest in GMAC to less than 10 percent of the voting and total equity interest of GMAC. GM’s remaining equity interest in GMAC will be transferred to a trust that has a trustee acceptable to the Board and the Department of the Treasury, who will be entirely independent of GM and have sole discretion to vote and dispose of the GMAC equity interests. The trustee must dispose of the equity interests held in the trust within three years of the trust’s creation.
To ensure that Cerberus’s holdings in GMAC are consistent with the Board’s precedent on noncontrolling investments in banks and bank holding companies, each Cerberus fund that holds interests in GMAC will distribute its equity interests in the company to its respective investors. As a result of this distribution, the aggregate direct and indirect investments controlled by Cerberus and its related parties would not exceed 14.9 percent of the voting shares or 33 percent of the total equity of GMAC LLC.
In addition, Cerberus employees and consultants would cease providing services to, or otherwise functioning as dual employees of, GMAC, and neither Cerberus nor any affiliated entity will have any advisory relationships with GMAC or any investor regarding the vote or sale of shares or the management or policies of GMAC or GMAC Bank.