Sunday, August 10, 2008

Off Topic: Hiking Trip

by Calculated Risk on 8/10/2008 06:56:00 PM

It seems every time I leave town, banks fail, huge write-downs are announced or some major new Fed facility is unveiled ... so just to let everyone know, I'll be in the Sierra again next Friday and Saturday (Aug 15th and 16th), and I'll be hiking the John Muir Trail from August 31st through September 8th (from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney). I suspect some major news stories will break!

While I'm gone, Tanta will be posting more frequently - and to help her out, Paul Jackson of Housing Wire will be posting news stories. And there will be a surprise post or two too.

Yes, I've been training several hours a day, and this has limited my analysis posts. I apologize. Oh well, the extra training has been great for my weight.

Best to all, CR