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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MMI: Smells Like Accounting Spirit

by Tanta on 11/07/2007 08:21:00 AM

An Associated Press reporter has apparently been living in a cave for a few months:

NEW YORK - The malaise in the mortgage market is starting to spread to credit card and auto loans in what one analyst has dubbed consumer credit "contagion." It's an ominous warning signal for the economy.
"One analyst"? "Contagion" in quotes? I checked the byline; this seems to have been published this morning.
No one is calling this problem the next debt-related land mine yet, but it is important to watch what happens, especially as the holiday shopping season gets under way.
OK. Let me rectify this inexplicable failure of cliche:

This problem is the next debt-related land mine. You read it here first, kids.

We also savor the perfume of the new trend, odiferous metaphoricity:
"Firms that are now adding to the portfolio might have had a few whiffs of trouble brewing earlier this year and dragged their feet in adding to reserves because they were hoping that interest rate cuts might bail them out and give borrowers breathing room," said Jack Ciesielski, who writes the industry newsletter, The Analyst's Accounting Observer.

"Now, the odor is getting stronger, and it looks like adding reserves is the only course of action they can follow without presenting misleading financials," Ciesielski said.