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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Subprime Performance: We've Entered the Boring Stage

by Tanta on 10/02/2007 11:06:00 AM

No longer stunned and surpised, we are now overwhelmed with ennui:

The September remittance reports revealed that conditions in the mortgage market are worsening, although the rate of credit performance dislocation is mostly slowing, according to a UBS report.

Delinquency rates in the buckets - 30, 60+, FC+REO - have increased, according to UBS's data. However, while the delinquency increases for FC+REO continued unabated, the rate of delinquency increases for all 30DQ and three out of four 60+DQ indices have eased. UBS reported a "somewhat surprising" 1.83% increase in FC+REO rates among ABX07-1 deals.

Meanwhile, ABX06-1 deals saw an increase of 1.43%, which UBS analysts credited to the impact of resets and reduction in pool factors. Cumulative losses jumped to 13 basis points from 10 basis points on all indices except ABX07-02.

The September data, with their increased delinquencies and foreclosures, do not come as a surprise, as the subprime market remains unstable.

"Our whole stance on this entire debacle right now is that it's so perfectly predictable that it's boring," said Michael Bykhovsky, CEO of Applied Financial Technology. "If we feed current [Home Price Indices] and projected HPIs into the model, the resulting delinquency output is very much consistent with what we are observing."
So, um, the models really work after all? Now that is boring.